Achievement in Music

Achievement In Music (AIM) is a unique exam program offered to students studying piano, voice, organ, and strings.  Students are individually evaluated at their level in performance, technique, and theory in a non-competitive environment.
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Festivals & Recitals

Our annual themed Festival Recital is a highly anticipated event, with nearly 100 students participating each year. Students study a different genre or composer each year in preparation for the recital and receive a participation trophy and accolades from family and friends. Festivals  Recitals


There are numerous performance opportunities for everyone – from teachers, to amateur adult students, to young aspiring pianists alike.  Casual performance groups, adult piano circles, and piano competitions create occasions to develop musicianship at any level. Read more

Membership & Meetings 

Membership is open to any independent music teacher or music enthusiast who desires to grow as a musician and teacher.  SCMTA Association promotes the highest standards for instruction, performance, and professionalism in the music community. How to Join   Programs



The Salt Creek chapter was awarded “The Local Association ofthe Year” in 2011 from the Music Teachers National Association.

We have been acknowledged for our significant accomplishments and contributions to the music teaching profession at the local, state, and national levels. Through our outstanding programs for teachers and opportunities for students, we have been recognized as a local association that continues to promote growth and musical excellence. more...